Martin Campbell - CEO

Martin Campbell, a lifelong aviator, founded Hummingbird Aviation in 2015 after decades of experience as an Airline and Corporate Pilot. His entrepreneurial drive and his strong business and sales acumen quickly established Hummingbird as one of the industry’s most highly respected aircraft management firms. With over 8,000 flight hours, Campbell is a Commercial pilot with qualifications in multiple business jets and Airliners.

Gregory Williams - Director of Business Development

Gregory works with aircraft owners, C-level executives, family offices, and flight department personnel to increase efficiency and improve the safety of their flight operation. Gregory delivers expert guidance to aircraft owners, flight departments, and first-time business jet buyers through an understanding of their ownership and operational objectives, while creating a personalized aircraft management solution to achieve their goals. Gregory has a B.S. in Musical Performance from Chico State in California and holds two Associate Degrees from Merced College in Communications and Business Administration.

Nelson Gomez - Chief Operating Officer

 Nelson Gomez brings more than 30 years of sales, business, and financial management experience in a variety of fields including technology, financial services, investment banking, and real estate. Prior to his role as Chief Operating Officer, Gomez played an integral role as a real estate attorney for many years. Additionally, Gomez has owned many airplanes including turboprops, and has a vast knowledge of aircraft systems and logistics. Gomez holds a law degree in real estate from the University of Berkley.

Guadalupe Gonzalez - Director of Maintenance and Technical Services

With over 20 years of aviation maintenance experience, Guadalupe Gonzalez brings an unwavering focus on safety to his position of Director of Maintenance and Technical Services at Hummingbird Aviation. Before joining Hummingbird, Gonzalez was the director of maintenance for an esteemed high-utilization Part 141 operation in Central California. Gonzalez maintenance experience includes piston, turboprop and jet aircraft system diagnosis and analysis. Gonzalez holds an FAA private pilot certificate and is also an aircraft owner.

Joseph Bigler - Director of Client Logistics

Joseph is a key member of our management team, working closely with corporate flight departments and our clients to ensure that the client requests are being met with the highest standard. His consultative approach delivers unsurpassed value for each client, ensuring the ideal flight solution for every flight. He works closely with our pilots, cabin attendants, clients, and leadership team, ensuring that safety, service and value are at the core of all flight operations activities. Joseph is a certified aviation ground instructor and he holds an FAA private pilot certificate.

Byron Hernandez - President and Director of Operations

Byron oversees and directs the recruitment, training and mentoring of our nationwide team of pilots. Byron also manages compliance with Operational Procedures and our Safety Management System (SMS), liaises with executive leadership across the company, works closely with our aircraft owners and assists in planning flights, routes, operations, and the adoption of new equipment. Hernandez is an Airline Transport Pilot that flies the Boeing 757/767 for United Airlines, and is also a United States Air Force pilot that that flies the KC-135 tanker, and the C-130 aircraft. Hernandez is type rated in Phenoms, Challenger, Hawker jets, with international experience throughout Europe, the Pacific, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He has flown in more than 55 countries, numerous oceanic crossings.

Arial King - Director of Inflight and Concierge Services

Arial leads our InFlight Services team responsible for designing and delivering an extraordinary experience onboard our aircraft for each and every passenger. The InFlight team comprises highly trained and culinary-skilled cabin attendants and a ground support team. King joined Hummingbird in 2018 and was instrumental in establishing our InFlight Services department, and was a driving force behind our Inflight Quality Program. Unique in the industry, this intern program trains carefully chosen individuals from the ground up in everything from corporate etiquette and quality food sourcing, to a refined cuisine and service presentation.
King, a native of Virginia, holds a bachelors in forensic Psychology from Ashford University.